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Vitamin D supplements protect against severe asthma attacks, study shows

Tuesday 6 May Patients are receiving inadequate information, education and advice on managing their asthma, the report states, while medics are failing to spot key signs showing patients are struggling. In , 1, people died from asthma in the UK, one of the highest asthma death rates in Europe. GP Dr Mark Levy, RCP’s clinical lead for the report, said doctors, patients and their families failed to recognise life-threatening danger signs of the condition.

Here you will find resources for school asthma programs, including information on managing medication at school. Regional Asthma Management and Prevention Initiative (RAMP) RAMP is a regional coalition committed to addressing asthma morbidity and mortality.

November 21, by thirdAGE Prenatal exposure to a certain air pollutant may increase autism risk in children. By Jane Farrell The effects of sex hormones on lung cells may be causing women to have asthma at twice the rate of men, according to researchers from Vanderbilt University and Johns Hopkins. The investigators found that testosterone hindered a cell linked to asthma symptoms such as inflammation and mucus production in the lungs. The study, which analyzed human cells and rodents, was published November 28, in the journal Cell Reports.

That trend reverses after puberty, when women are twice likely to have asthma as men. This pattern continues until women hit menopause, and then the asthma rates in women start to decline.

Thunderstorm asthma: the night a deadly storm took Melbourne’s breath away

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They were struggling to breathe; one had turned blue and needed to be given oxygen along with their regular asthma medication. They also, sadly, seemed to be regulars on the ward. The nurses knew them by name. Asthma causes inflammation of the airways to the lungs, and if untreated this can cause lasting damage. Three people die of the condition every day in Britain. Lizzie never thought Lucas could have asthma, because he had never had an asthma attack When someone with asthma comes into contact with something that irritates their lungs, known as a trigger, the airways narrow and tighten, making it difficult to breathe.

The danger of harbouring this misconception is underlined by Aileen Alexander, from Forres in Moryashire, whose year-old daughter Kiera died after an attack in September She used an inhaler occasionally, but it never seemed that serious. She just got breathless sometimes and coughed a lot. She was a bit breathless and took a couple of puffs of her inhaler, as normal.

We told her to take her inhaler and go back to sleep. I knew as soon as I saw her that she was dead. Children with so-called mild asthma can get ill quickly, too. When we look at the medical history of children who have died from an asthma attack, we sometimes find that their asthma had been mild, had been managed by their GP and had never been serious enough to require referral to the hospital asthma physician.

Nonprescription Asthma Treatment Trends

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Jun 14,  · For more videos on how not to be an asthma dweeb, check out !

Racial gap in children’s asthma linked to social inequality in Houston neighborhoods March 1, by Amy Mccaig, Rice University Credit: Shutterstock African-American and poor children in the United States suffer disproportionately from asthma. But according to a new study from sociologists at Rice University, racial and socio-economic gaps in the proportion of children in Houston who have asthma may be a result of social inequalities in the neighborhoods where children live.

The researchers also found that children of all races and ethnicities, including white children, have a greater risk of developing asthma when they live in poor neighborhoods, compared with children living in middle-class or affluent neighborhoods. But in addition, we found that African-American children suffer disproportionately in every kind of neighborhood, from the poorest to the wealthiest. Using these classifications, the researchers found that African-American children, when compared with white children living in the same type of neighborhood, were 8.

In addition, the likelihood of being diagnosed with asthma increased for all children in Houston as they got older. For example, 6 percent of children in Houston between the ages of 2 and 6 have asthma, but 8 percent of children between the ages of 7 and 12 have asthma. And children growing up in the poorest neighborhoods are twice as likely to have an asthma diagnosis compared with children growing up in the most affluent neighborhoods.

Kranjac said that although the research did not provide a reason why African-American children growing up in poor neighborhoods were more likely to suffer from asthma, she theorized that it could partly have to do with socio-economic differences.

Thunderstorm asthma: the night a deadly storm took Melbourne’s breath away

Instructions Read the article you can also listen to the audio while you read. Asthma by John Russell With World Health day on 7th April, this week we take a closer look at a very common health problem. Does your chest regularly feel tight? Do you find it difficult to breathe after light exercise? Do you sometimes make a wheezing sound when you breathe?

Feb 04,  · Asthma question Posted: 3/10/ PM: butter – Asthma doesn’t work that way. You can’t just breath in and out to recover from an asthma attack. The odd thing is, you can breath in but the air doesn’t expell fully from your lungs and the nasty cycle begins. Asthma can be .

Since many varieties of the cannabis plant and plant derivatives all share the same name, the term medical cannabis is ambiguous and can be misunderstood. A Cannabis plant includes more than different chemicals, of which about 70 are cannabinoids. Less common side effects were “ocular problems, orthostatic hypotension, muscle twitching, pruritis, vagueness, hallucinations, lightheadedness and dry mouth”.

As of , current studies suffer from effects of bias, small sample size, and lack of long-term data. Tolerance to these effects develops over a period of days or weeks. The amount of cannabis normally used for medicinal purposes is not believed to cause any permanent cognitive impairment in adults, though long-term treatment in adolescents should be weighed carefully as they are more susceptible to these impairments. Withdrawal symptoms are rarely a problem with controlled medical administration of cannabinoids.

The ability to drive vehicles or to operate machinery may be impaired until a tolerance is developed. Acute effects may include anxiety and panic, impaired attention, and memory while intoxicated , an increased risk of psychotic symptoms, and possibly increased risk of accidents if a person drives a motor vehicle while intoxicated. There have been few reports of symptoms lasting longer. These statistics include visits in which the patient was treated for a condition induced by or related to recent cannabis use.

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For asthma patients, most common things are attacks that are caused from different physical activity including heavy breathing. In common practice is best to avoid any activities but in case of relationship conducting love is the source, the root of the attack. Any activity in intimate relationship is also the source of the attack including heavy breathing.

In this sweet moment of time when all is perfect there is a direct symptom of the attack and one of the partners usually is ending the pleasure. What can we do in this kind of a case?

The foundation also notes that exercise-induced asthma, or its preferred term, exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB), may be the most common cause of asthma symptoms for .

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12 Carbon Facts Nanotubes Carbon Dating Asthma Contaminated Air

For most kids with asthma , their symptoms can be controlled — sometimes so well that flare-ups are rare. But learning about asthma what treatments to take and when, what triggers to avoid and when can be the hardest part of asthma care. Learn as much as you can, talk to others living with asthma, read up on asthma, and discuss any concerns with your child’s doctor.

Once you and your family are used to dealing with asthma, it will become a normal part of your routine. These tips can put you on the right path. Have a plan and stick to it.

The Asthma Control Test™ provides a numerical score to help you and your healthcare provider determine if your asthma symptoms are well controlled. Take this test if you are 12 years or older. Share the score with your healthcare provider. Step 1: Write the number of each answer in the score box provided. Step 2: Add up each score box for the total.

Asthma is a pulmonary disease characterized by reversible airflow obstruction and bronchial hyperresponsiveness. The central feature of asthma is inflammation, which leads to recurrent episodes of wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. The burden of asthma has been steadily increasing over the past three decades. Attributed to asthma in were 1.

Individuals with intermittent asthma have infrequent symptoms, consequently infrequent use of quick-relief medication, and no interference with normal activity. The guidelines describe the cornerstones of asthma management as self-management education, the use of quick-relief medications, and the use of long-term control medications in individuals with persistent asthma. Health care providers offering self-management education should instruct patients to identify and avoid asthma triggers when possible, use pharmacologic therapies properly, and devise an asthma action plan.

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I have been fairly well for about 10 weeks. It has been wonderful. I was swimming three times a week up to 2k each time, doing Tai Chi weekly and getting to ride my yellow Trike Bike. This was so good! For the last three years I have been too ill with my chronic asthma to do this. I was relishing this opportunity.

But learning about asthma (what treatments to take and when, what triggers to avoid and when) can be the hardest part of asthma care. Don’t be discouraged. Learn as much as you can, talk to others living with asthma, read up on asthma, and discuss any concerns with your child’s doctor.

Michelle Donegan helps her son Zac Shahidi, 4, take his asthma medication. It’s an experience common to many Australian families, according to a new report that has found Australians suffer more from asthma than almost any other people in the world. Guy Marks, a professor of respiratory medicine at the Woolcock Institute and the University of NSW, who co-authored the Global Asthma Report , said many people suffered from asthma attacks simply because they could not afford daily preventer medication.

Advertisement “If you have several people in your family on daily medication the cost is not trivial, particularly when you add it up over the whole year,” he said. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. The report said globally million people suffer from asthma, with most now in low and middle income countries. While children and young people suffer disability and sickness as a result of asthma, it is most deadly for older people.

Some countries lack national treatment guidelines , and when they do have them they are often partially sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, as is the case in Australia. Professor Marks said it was important to have independent guidelines: Kristine Whorlow, the chief executive officer of the National Asthma Council Australia, which produces Australia’s guidelines, said last month the federal government had announced funding for a national asthma strategy, which would attempt to improve asthma treatment for older Australians.

She said pharmaceutical funding for Australia’s asthma guidelines did not influence their independence. What you can do Get an asthma management plan Know your triggers.

Signs of an asthma attack

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Asthma is a common chronic condition among children and youth in California. Although asthma can be effectively managed, many children and youth lack access to regular medical services and end up making unnecessary visits to the emergency room.

Let us take care of you! Keep initial conversations about your food allergies clear and simple. Discussing it in great detail on a first date may be too much, too soon. Emphasize to your date that you understand what you can and cannot eat and know what steps to take in case of an accidental exposure. Arrange a non-restaurant first date — visit a museum or go bowling, for example. If you do go to a restaurant, pick one that you know will cater to your food allergies.

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