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This is sometimes done in order to maintain the loyalty of the fans. But it turned out a little differently done by one of the members of 2PM, Chansung. More recently, the program Beatles Code, Chansung reveals that she once dated a member 2PM after debut! Only one time only. Do you keep it a secret from your agency itself? Agency, knew that I was on a romantic relationship at the time. K yaiyu revealed that the two had never dated after his debut. Well, if the lover Chansung is also derived from the k-pop idol? Hal tersebut terkadang dilakukan demi menjaga kesetiaan para penggemar.

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Who is the leader of Girls Aloud? Cheryl Cole Tweedy is the most famous girl in the band, yet Nadine Coyle has the most lyrics. Cheryl would be the answer the question as she has a solo career as well and has been branded as “the nation’s sweetheart” and “the queen”! She is on the verge on breaking the US. You could say Cheryl or …Nadine.

Sunny admitted in an episode of Lee Guk Joo’s show that she had not engage in a relationship with a celebrity before and hopes to be in one any time soon. The singer showed a close friendship with Super Junior M’s Henry when they posted photographs of them together.

Are you suffering from love sickness? Last updated at In the most serious cases the “disease” can also prove fatal, according to some experts. While the words “You make me sick” may not seem the most romantic Valentine’s card message you could send your loved one next week, psychologists believe it may be more apt than people think.

Now they say lovesickness should be taken more seriously, and called for greater awareness among the medical profession. Frank Tallis, a clinical psychologist in London, examined the historical attitudes to love and mental illness, stretching back to the time of the ancient Greeks. Before the 18th century lovesickness had for thousands of years been accepted as a natural state of mind.

But for the last years it has fallen out of favour with medical practitioners as a proper diagnosis, Dr Tallis said in a report in The Psychologist magazine. He said that love had been widely linked with “madness”, but this was more than just a poetic turn of phrase such as that often used in pop songs.

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All of the schools closed, and most businesses shuttered. Auburn was the site of a hospital for Texan Confederate soldiers. Published online Feb 9. PEOPLE often marry people who are just like them similar in terms of social background, world view and race. Online dating may be changing that, however, breaking us out of our existing social circles. Celebrities are creating online dating profiles and children are now signing up their parents for Internet dating.

SNSD (Girl’s Generation) consists of Taeyeon, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Yoona, Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun. Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun left S.M. Entertainment on 9 October but for now, their departure from SNSD wasn’t confirmed.

Link ke posting ini Okay, first of all. So, After searching on internet. I found some of infos. She is so lovely and cute. Look at her eyes, she has smiling eyes. I took this from yahoo answers. Tiffany was or maybe still ‘is’ hated because she tends to make a lot of mistakes regarding manners back then. Yes,she’d been in Korea long enough to understand it’s culture. But,people tends to forget the fact that she lost her mom way too young. And mother is always the person that teach you those things.

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Los dos tuvieron una cita, ya que Taemin y Naeun fueron al parque de diversiones, y los invitaron. Key al enterarse se sintio defraudado. Hace poco actualizo su instragram donde posteo la triste noticia del fallecimiento de su abuela. Key la llama “Ari-chan” y ella lo llama “Key oppa”. A Key le gustan chicas cercanas a su edad. En cualquier momento cuando un miembro de SHINee se sienta cansado, Key comienza a hablar sobre cosas raras y hace que el cansancio se esfume.

Despite Lee Guk Joo’s statement, she had previously showed close relationship with Super-Junior M’s Henry, where the two shared a selca and Henry claimed that she was his girlfriend. To Lee Guk Joo’s question, which fans might also be curious about, Sunny replied, “ I did date a celebrity.

Fany has the most capacity in drinking. Fany is known best for her eye smile. Fany was known for making the most mistakes in Live Performances, though actually she’s not the one who made the most mistakes. Fany hates bugs so much. When Fany is shock, she always claps her hands. Most of the time, Fany is the victim. When Tiffany first started Yoga, she was very enthusiastic about it and begged her instructor to teach her well. Then she quit after 3 days. The one who usually picks out Hyoyeon’s mistakes in dancing is ironically Tiffany ironic because she is thought by some to be the least skilled dancer; I believe she admitted to this herself once.

Tiffany, Sunny, and Go Ara an actress with SM once went over to Karaoke after dinner initially just to kill time to digest the food

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SNSD,I can’t choose, love all my nine unnies equally: Favorite Japanese version of a song? Favorite English version of a song? Best actor in Kpop? Best group on variety shows?

Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Sunny revealed her thoughts on the members going public with their relationships. During the July 31 broadcast of MBC’s Star Gazing, Sunny said, “After the dating news went out, the members haven’t been able to date order chicken to eat with the other members at home.”.

Girls’ Generation Yuri made her official debut as a member of the 9-member girl group, Girls’ Generation in August Aside from her group activities, she had a small role in a television segment, The King’s Boyfriend, which was part of the documentary Super Junior Show by S. M Entertainment ‘s boy group Super Junior. She also made a cameo appearance as a ballerina in the film, Attack on the Pin-Up Boys , which also stars Super Junior members.

Music Core with fellow member Tiffany. Will released the music video of “Dropping The Tears”, featuring Yuri. She then performed a special stage with him for one of his performances of the song on Show! Music Core, playing the piano in the background. Music Core in the following month to focus on the group’s activities. Music Core and hosted the show until January when Yuri left the show once again to focus on her drama debut.

In June, she appeared alongside Hyoyeon in Mnet ‘s global dance survival show, Dancing 9. The two coached the show’s contestants as “K-pop dance masters” along with other notable stars who also appeared as dance masters in their specific fields. In the coming-of-age film, Yuri portrayed the role of Jung-eun, a girl who dreams of becoming a musician who is also the love interest of the two male leads played by Lee Jong-suk and Seo In-guk.

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Seo In Guk and Sonny learned through the glass is known to have naturally developed between lovers meeting accompanied with a glass after filming. Last month, Seo In Guk briefly hospitalized with health problems at a hospital in Seoul is that Sonny with utmost sincerity care also it led to the tip of the witnesses. Seo In Guk was like that at the time the patient was admitted to the sunny and come home all night byeongganho a carefully Seo In Guk was witnessed by more than Otolaryngology side.

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny appeared on the July 31 edition of MBC’s ‘Stargazing’ and talked honestly about dating. Regarding the public relationships, Sunny stated, “After the dating news, they.

She took the stage name of Tiffany, as it is the name her mother wanted to call her at birth. Tiffany is one of the lead vocalists in the group. A promotional picture of Tiffany as a member of TaeTiSeo Girls Generation became very famous and successful in Korea and across the world. TaeTiSeo made their comeback in with the track, ” Holler ” and released their second album with the same name.

In December , they released their third mini album, Dear Santa and song with the same name. She was also featured in “Oh!

Super Junior’s Sung Min clarifies dating rumors with SNSD’s Sunny

Sunny singer – Wikipedia Snsd sunny dating nba, you may also like She transferred to Starworld agency, where her father worked as a manager, and was to debut in a duo group called Sugar. Sunny cute As a result of her brief war experience, Sunny grew up being scared of loud noises. Shin Yeong-seon from The Chosun Ilbo noted on Sunny’s ability to understand the character and praised her well-portrayal of Brenda’s “exaggerated cuteness and flippant acting”.

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During the next year, Taeyeon accompanied her father from their hometown to Seoul on every Sunday to receive her vocal lessons from The One. In a interview, he described Taeyeon as a “smart” student, someone “unlike others who came to him with dreams of becoming a celebrity She first contributed her vocals to ” ” featuring Kangta , a track taken from both Girls’ Generation’s eponymous debut album and Kangta’s fourth studio album, Eternity She was cast in a lead role in the musical Midnight Sun , an adaptation of the Japanese novel of the same name Having learned the guitar for her character portrayal, she played the part of Kaoru Amane, a teenager who suffered from xeroderma pigmentosum.

Her performance in the sold-out shows received good press despite the musical’s critical reviews. Goddess of War soundtrack, reached number two on the same chart. I was moved to tears listening to her singing. Their debut EP , Twinkle , met with much success and became South Korea’s eighth- highest selling album of the year. Holler and Dear Santa Go soundtrack, after its musical director was left with a “deep impression” having heard her cover version of a song during a radio appearance.

Solo debut with I and Why[ edit ] Taeyeon began working on a solo album in late , believing her “right time” had come. She previously was afraid of not being ready for a solo debut, but her eight-year career proved to help her gain the experience to be “well-prepared”. It remained to be the most commercially successful song of SM Station to-date.

Henry’s girlfriend in rumor turns out not to be SNSD’s Sunny as fans thought!

Urutan antis fans terbanyak di SNSD 9. Aku gak tau cerita dan asal-usulnya dari mana, tapi konon, Sooyoung katanya member SNSD yang paling natural dan rendah hati? Jadi aku gak usah panjang lebar untuk jelasin. Sunny Aku juga gak ngerti, napa nih anak bisa dibilang paling terbenci, konon Sunny tuh orang ya sok imut, trus masuk ke SNSD pake jalur saudara, tapi menurutku Sunny orangnya bisa nyanyi kok.

Kenapanya bisa dapat antis terbanyak? Suara oke, dance hanya sedikit di ralat, wajah cantik.

If Henry and Jei are dating for real, apparently fans will have to say goodbye to this adorable couple. The ship is sinking Related Items: fiesta, Henry, SNSD Sunny.

Introduction Sunny Real name: She was born and raised in California, the United States. In , Sunny became a trainee of the agency, SM Entertainment. The other day, on the TV variety show Sunny appeared, she was asked if she was dating with someone like other members. I consider myself as being married to my business. When Lee was hospitalized due to his health problems for a while, some people saw Sunny entering the hospital to see him.

On the other hand, both of their agencies denied their romantic relationship saying that they were just friends and that kind of rumor was groundless. On a variety show, Sunny was asked about what she thought about Lee Seo-jin, an actor, who co-starred with Sunny in a TV program.

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